Spring / Growing and making

As I get older, I find myself appreciating each season more and more.  I notice the subtleties, pay more attention to the changes all around me.  In recent years, I finally made my peace with winter.  This year, it’s spring that has my heart.  Living in Canberra, we’re so lucky to experience each season to the fullest.


watermarked - purple

watermarked - daisies

All around me, I find beauty.  The maple’s port-coloured leaves are back, weighing the delicate branches down with their weight.  The seaside daisies have sprouted in to bulky borders around the garden.  And various surprise bulbs have popped up here and there, little treats to be discovered.  When I walk outside, I can smell spring.  The air is clean, nourishing, warm, slightly floral scented.  It energises and awakens me.

 watermarked - winter mapleBefore – our maple in winter

watermarked - spring maple

After – our maple now, in spring


I have embraced the gardening life here at our new house.  Having inherited a gorgeous and abundant garden has ignited a passion in me, I’m determined to maintain it and not let the hard work of the previous owners go to waste.  Roses and bushes were pruned back prior to the appearance of spring sprouts and are now lush with new growth, weeding is a continous task (like the clothes washing, I don’t think it will ever be completely done), we have planted rocket, basil and mint seeds in pots, and in our veggie patch we have erected a plastic trellis border to keep the dogs away from our brocolli and silverbeet seedlings, as well as the fig, orange, lemon, and raspberry already growing in there.


watermarked - broccolli

watermarked - silverbeet

Inside the house, I have been teaching myself how to knit.  When I was a little girl, my Nanny taught me how to knit and purl, and so I could make a very basic garter stitch scarf if I wanted to, but that was all I knew.  I have always wanted to build on those basic knitting skills, and learn how to read a pattern and make other knitted treasures.  This has been a little project of mine while I’ve been home on maternity leave.  I’ve read how-to books, watched YouTube videos, joined Ravelry and Craftsy, photocopied pages and pages of instructions and patterns for things that I would love to make, and have bought yarn and needles online.  The feel of the yarn in my hands, the sense of accomplishment from making a piece yourself, it feels wholesome.  And somehow that piece keeps you warmer and cosier than if you had bought it.

The year may be vanishing at an alarming rate, but I’m still so happy that the warmer weather is here.


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