Welcome to my new blog, and the first post.  My name is Mrs W, and you can find out more about me and my family in my “About” page up the top.

This is not my first foray in to blogging.  I kept my first blog going for 3 years, and it was a good little place.  I had fun, it connected me to a lot of good people, it was my little haven.  There’s a lot of good stuff on that blog, but it was very much a learn-as-you-go experience.  It had started to feel outdated, stale, immature.  I wanted to reignite my passion for blogging, and the prospect of beginning again with a new look and feel is so exciting!  So let’s get started!

I won’t be linking back to my old blog from here, although I’ll be linking to here from my old blog.  I used real names back there, and this time I’m experimenting with using nicknames instead to keep some kind of anonymity.  Who knows, I might decide later not to bother with that anymore.

I feel like I can’t go without a blog.  I definitely always need some avenue for letting my thoughts pour out of me, and for a long time I pondered whether I could just do that offline (which I do as well, I keep a journal for those times when I need to feel the movement of a pen on paper).  But I do love blogging.  I love that warming feeling when someone comments on something you’ve written, connecting with strangers from behind a screen over some kind of mutual experience or opinion.  Community, bonding, reassurance.  That’s what I get from blogging.

And I also get a pretty little place which will forever hold the memories of our family life, to return to whenever I please.  That’s important to me too.

As a blogger, you hear a lot of talk of the importance of knowing your niche, your “brand”, what sets you apart from everyone else.  I’ve considered all of that over and over again, and for me, that stuff is not worth worrying about.  I’m not intent on writing within one single niche, I don’t want to build a brand, and honestly, there probably isn’t anything unique about my blog or blogging style.  I’ve had a go at writing product reviews, running giveaways, connecting with brands.  I won’t say that I’ll definitely not ever step in to that territory again, because you never know what opportunities might come knocking, but I’m not that interested to be honest.  I’m here for the most basic reasons – simply to write, release whatever is on my mind, and record our adventures and experiences.  It is what it is.

Moments and Miscellany.  That’s what this is about.  As a young family, we have beautiful moments together, and we have tough moments together.  In between, a lot of what happens is just miscellany.  But that’s what fills our days, and there’s still joy to be found in the miscellany.

I’m really happy to be starting on this new bloggy path.  I hope you’ll pop back and visit me from time to time.


Mrs W

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