52/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 52 of 52 2015

watermarked - little r 52 of 52 2015

Moose: She got the bow and arrow she asked Santa for!

Little R: First Christmas lights experience (that he is old enough to appreciate)

52 Project button 3

I’ve been taking part in this year’s 52 Project at Practising Simplicity – this is the last post for 2015.


50/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 50 of 52 2015


watermarked - little r 50 of 52 2015


This is the latest I’ve ever been for a 52 Project post! Good thing I decided not to do it for a third year in 2016, it seems I’m now quite bad at it!

Moose: End of preschool concert. Oh the tears (on my part of course)! The end of such a wonderful era, and a time that will really be missed. Beautiful memories.

Little R: Speaking of moments – first ever haircut! He wasn’t impressed, as you can see. I was a bit hesitant to get rid of his luscious curls but they really were getting unruly. Needless to say, he looks so cute now.