52/52 – A portrait a week / Christmas 2014

We made it!  52 weeks of portraits of my kids (and I didn’t miss one!).  I started out this year’s project with portraits of just Moose (and on another blog too!), with Little R yet to be born!  A lot can change over the course of a year.

To finish off the project for 2014, and seeing as we’ve just come back from a beautiful Christmas week in our favourite holiday spot – Nelson Bay in the Port Stephens area of NSW – I’m going to super-size this entry with some additional photos from our week just past.


 watermarked - moose 52 of 52 2014 1So happy to finally be at the beach

watermarked - moose 52 of 52 2014 2That smile is pure joy

watermarked - moose 52 of 52 2014 3Posing in front of our festive cabin

watermarked - moose 52 of 52 2014 4My breath – taken away

Little R:

watermarked - little r 52 of 52 2014 1 First time with feet in the water – a special moment

watermarked - little r 52 of 52 2014 2Hard to tell whether he liked or disliked the beach, I think overall he was just curious

watermarked - little r 52 of 52 2014 3 Opening presents on his first Christmas Day

watermarked - little r 52 of 52 2014 4Surveying his winnings


When we arrived at Nelson Bay, we learnt that the weather forecast for the week ahead was storms, rain and more storms.  We woke up on our first morning to grey skies and scattered showers, and I was devastated.  This was the first proper family holiday we’d had in a couple of years, and the first with Little R, the thought of our week at the beach being marred by bad weather was almost unbearable.  But then miraculously, the clouds drifted away to reveal a bright, beaming sky and we were treated to sunny, warm days for the rest of the week.  Cue lots of swimming and splashing about in the ocean!


watermarked - 52 of 52 2014 2Little Beach – Nelson Bay.  Our special place.

  watermarked - 52 of 52 2014 4The view from the Nelson Bay lighthouse, looking out over Shoal Beach and the islands in the distance


Christmas Day was wonderful, we opened presents together before cooking up a big barbeque breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns and toast.  Then it was time to hit the beach as the cars just kept rolling up, I’ve never seen our little beach so busy before!  Families were arriving in groups with their gazebos and tents, their picnic chairs, their eskies and barbeques, their blow-up rings and jetskis.  Spending Christmas Day at the beach was such a treat, so much fun and so great to be with not only our own family but so many other families, enjoying a wonderful day out by the water.  After a light lunch and nibbling on cheese for afternoon tea (accompanied by Shandies! You can’t go wrong with a Shandy on Christmas Day in Australia), we cooked up a delicious Christmas dinner – barbeque chicken, garlic prawns, salad and rolls, and then as we lazed about contentedly in our food daze we watched a big angry storm engulf the skies and the sea.  It was heaven.


watermarked - 52 of 52 2014 3The secret pathway to Shoal Beach

watermarked - 52 of 52 2014 1

Some frequent visitors


I hope your Christmas Day was just as magical and happy as you could have wished for!  Will  you be joining in with The 52 Project in 2015?  I definitely will, it’s been such a great tool for remembering to take more photos of the kids, for finding the beauty in our everyday moments, and for creating a lovely keepsake over the year.


52 projectAnd that completes one year of The 52 Project at Practising Simplicity, but I’ll be back to do it all again in 2015!


48/52 – A portrait a week

 watermarked - moose 48 of 52 2014watermarked - little r 48 of 52 2014Moose: I was feeling tired this week after the heat and car travel of last week, so we didn’t get up to too much.  But we did visit Big R’s work to join in with kid’s story time.  Here’s Moose trying on a First World War nurses uniform.  She loves visiting the War Memorial, and every time we go she’s always so respectful and interested.

Little R: I finally got around to trying him out in the highchair this week after meaning to clean it off and bring it out for a while.  And he fits!  And he can sit up in it!  Hooray, we don’t have to hold him to feed him anymore!  Look how happy he is with himself.

PS. On a side note, I now have a Facebook page and am bursting with excitement and enthusiasm about it!  I’d love for you to join me there.  I’m sharing interesting posts from my favourite blogs, as well as photos, snippets from our days, and just generally shooting the breeze.

52 project

Linking up a portrait of my children every week with The 52 Project at Practising Simplicity


47/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 47 of 52 2014

watermarked - little r 47 of 52 2014

Moose: Will always be in a dress (even if it’s with socks and dirty shoes), and will always be happy outside.

Little R: Saw the water for the first time this weekend past, at Warners Bay on the NSW mid-North coast where we were visiting family.  Staying cool in the shade and happy to observe his sister, who couldn’t be kept away from the water’s edge.

52 project

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46/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 46 of 52 2014

watermarked - little r 46 of 52 2014

Moose: We visited a new playground in our local area for the first time for a playdate with friends.  Love it when you find new places to play!  This one was hiding right under our nose the whole time, I don’t know why we haven’t thought of going there before!  It probably looks very strange in this picture, the playground sits underneath a gigantic toadstool!  That yellow bit you can see is the stalk in the middle, leading up to the blue underside of the toadstool. The shade it provided was greatly appreciated on this 35-degree C day.  What is up with the weather?

Little R: I am however loving the fact that I can dress the kids in their summer gear, so much cuter and easier than winter gear!  Loving this little number on Little R, doesn’t he look like he should be hanging out by the pier in the 20’s or something?  He is busy moving himself around all over the floor and practising his pushups at the moment.  I put him down in one position, and 10 seconds later he’s done a complete 180 turn!  I don’t think I’m ready for the crawling phase!

52 project

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