I’m Mrs W.  I’m in my early 30’s, it’s a great time.  I’m Mum to Moose (4 years old) and Little R (0 years old), and married to Big R.  We are Canberrans, and proud too.  Moose is a little firecracker – always on the move and always making noise, fiercely determined, has a great sense of humour and also a great temper.  Little R is new, he is chubby, is most happy cuddling up to one of his parents, and has innocent blue eyes.  Big R is my rock.  He’s hilarious, strong, a fun Dad and he always looks after his family.

This is my second blog.  I kept my first blog for 3 years, but once Little R was born I felt I needed a new space.  Somewhere I could start with a clean slate, shaking off the remnants of my old blog, where I learned a lot but still had my training wheels on.  So here we are.

I blog because I can’t not writeI’ve been writing since I was 13 – poetry, short stories, and journalling.  Now, as a parent, I feel the urge to write more than ever.  Life is full and ever-changing, and so I need an outlet for recording my thoughts and experiences.

I’m experiencing the highs and lows of parenthood every day, and being a mother makes up a lot of me as a whole.  But I’m more than that.  I’m creative.  Reading is my favourite thing.  I like to always be constantly learning.  I like finding beauty and happiness in the little things.

The moments and the miscellany.  That’s what you’ll read about here.


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