Growing up – Little R, 2 years


Little R / 2 years


I think the age you’re in right now is probably my favourite – between the ages of 1 and 3. Everything is still new and wonderful to you, you’re still so happy and curious. But you have also moved into full tantrum-throwing territory, if you don’t get your way.

You are deep in the stage of being an absolutely adorable, so-cute-it-hurts toddler. You are usually busy, either on your way somewhere at full pelt, or deeply involved with a toy or a book. It’s only recently that you’ve come into the age where you sometimes choose to play with other children if you want, I’ve only witnessed this on a few occasions, and it’s just so heartwarming to see. You play well with other kids, you especially seem to like being around older kids and they seem to adore you, but you’re also still just as content to make your own fun at other times.

Milestones seem to be found everyday. The transition from single words into short sentences are starting to emerge, as have unique facial or physical gestures as a means of communication, sometimes so slight that only a parent would understand the meaning. Physically, you’re pushing the boundaries of course, and still need a grown-up nearby. You prefer not to hold my hand when you walk, but when you come to an uneven surface in your path you instinctively reach out for me. There’s no more wobbliness when you move around, and most of the time it’s run or nothing. We had to remove our coffee table from the lounge room, because you figured out how easy it was to climb on top of it, and from there, launch yourself on to the couch. There were a few bumps resulting from that, but after the split lip, it was time for the coffee table to go.


Some words you can currently say –

Yes, Mummy! Yes, Daddy! Yes, Moo! (for Moose)

Allo, Hi, Buh-bye (with a wave)

Toach (for toast), Milk (although until recently, this was pronounced “Mor”), Iss (for water – go figure), Juice, Treat, Nack (snack), Bick (biscuit), Podge (porridge), more-do (for more food/water/play/anything. Yeah I dunno)

Ta, No, Yes, Pease

Goal!, Catch!, Ball, Kick, Ooszh (shoes)

Baby, Cute, Uh-oh, I Know!, Butt, Fart

Wee-Wee (The Wiggles)


You have started to become fussier with food, turning your nose up at certain things (all vegetables, cheese, ham), or more accurately, waving it away with your hand or throwing it away while shaking your head and saying “ew, no, yeauk”. You’re still learning how to use a fork though, and we can’t wait for the day when we finally don’t have to clean up food from the floor anymore after every meal.

You give kisses and cuddles on command now, holding your arms out and puckering up your lips. You’re definitely more affectionate than your sister was at this age, and when Mummy and Daddy see you after a long day at work and childcare, you call our name and come running for a hug. It’s so nice.

You love making funny faces, it always ends up in giggles, for you and everyone around you. You make this scrunched up hilarious face now when you dance, with your mouth all pouty, kind of like an angry duck-face. Your other current favourites, because they make me laugh, are the toothy cheesy grin……




…..closely followed by the wide open eyes + wide mouth combo….




You crack me up kid.

You are obsessed with ball play. All you want to do is throw and kick balls all day long, and you have done ever since you were able to stand and kick. You carry a ball around with you, and will throw it at us even if our backs are turned or we’re not ready. This is probably the area you’re the most advanced in right now – the gross motor skills – you have such good ball control for your age that people comment on it all the time. Your Dad is very pleased about this, you’re showing great promise to be a star sports player!

You also, unshockingly, love playing with cars, trucks and trains. This wasn’t something we purposefully tried to instill in you, your natural attraction to these toys just slowly emerged. You even make the “brooommmm” and “errrrrrrrr!!!” sounds of cars moving and braking when you play with them!

You and your sister play really well together, most of the time. You still have the occasional argument over a toy. You have learnt to become just as rough with her as she is with you, you’re definitely holding your own now. Although I wish you’d stop the hitting. Or that I could find the secret to helping you stop the hitting.

You also love to read – more so flicking through books yourself than being read to, although you enjoy that too. You will sit quite happily and quietly for ages if you have a pile of books in front of you, carefully studying the pictures on each page. The sight makes my heart swell!

You are such a treasure, I don’t want you to ever grow up!




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