Geeking out – Spring 2015

Szhoooom! There went Spring! It feels like only a matter of weeks since we were celebrating start-of-Spring birthdays in our house, and here we are, staring down the barrel of Christmas!

I have been on somewhat of a reading rampage this year, and that didn’t let up over Spring. In fact if anything, it got more intense. I think about reading All. The. Time. So I’ve got lots of books to tell you about, and if you happen to be very bookish like me and want to know more, you can check out my other blog love-child – Little Blog of Books.

Ok, on to the good stuff, and I’ll have to be more brief than usual this time around because of the sheer amount of books….



Greads snip

Nailed it. And still counting.


Bossypants by Tina Fey – I listened to this on audiobook, and to be honest, I think I may have enjoyed it more in print. Something about Tina’s voice and her presentation, I sometimes feel like she’s trying too hard to be funny. This was ok. I laughed, just not as much as I thought I would.

Down Under by Bill Bryson – I love reading/hearing comical opinions on Australia from foreigners, and Bill covers all the great comic bait – poisonous creatures, vast spaces of nothingness, cricket…..but he also shows a more serious side with his observations about the divide between Indigenous and white Australians. Classic Bryson.

Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood – a collection of magical realism short stories. My first Atwood actually, and I loved it. Slightly weird, just enough. I love her brain.

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith – a tense suspenseful thriller, one which has you guessing and switching your loyalties between characters right to the very end. You don’t know who to believe throughout the whole thing. The blurb for this story is what drew me in and had me almost busting down the library’s door to get my hands on it.

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King – continuing on with The Dark Tower series, this is book 2. Definitely more enjoyable than book 1. I feel like, even after two books, I still don’t really know what the deal is with this story, but I’ll continue nonetheless.

The Girl who Slept with God by Val Brelinski – possibly my favourite read of the year. I felt like this book would appeal to anybody, and I fell hard for the main characters. A powerful literary debut.

The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips – this was a quick read, but just the right length for what it was. Again with the weirdness, and possibly a little too much weird for my liking, but the story was still suspenseful and engaging enough for me to stick with it and enjoy it.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler – This was an audiobook listen, and I looooved it. I don’t need to describe Amy, you all know. This was not only an autobiography/memoir, but also full of views and advice for life in general, particularly if you are a working mother. And there’s plenty of celebrity cameos throughout.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – couldn’t ignore the hype. I’m glad I didn’t either, this was a straight-up page turner. I was suspicious of everyone, and I love that in a thriller! I think this will translate well to the big screen.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion – just so adorable. And hilarious! I loved the dry and unintentional humour that was found throughout. I listened to the audiobook, and while the narrator certainly nailed the “dry” quality of the protagonist’s nature, he sounded a little more bogan than I would have imagined him to be.

The Shining by Stephen King – picked this up over Halloween as I was in the mood for something creepy. I’ve never read it before, and my battered second-hand copy sure comes with a lot of character. It was so great, and totally satisfied my creepy craving! Another of my favourite reads of the year.

Decision Points by George W. Bush – I really only picked this up because I was interested in hearing his take on 9/11. That part of the book was actually surprisingly brief, but what remained was enough to keep me interested. But only vaguely. I listened to this on audio, and although I think I would have abandoned it if I had read it in print, I have to say that Bush really does not possess the gift of fine story-telling.

Whatever She Wants: True Confessions of a Male Escort by Andrew Rosetta – I read this to make way on my bookshelf, knowing that once I had read it, I wouldn’t need to hold on to it. It’s just not that kind of book. The title says it all, and I guess it was vaguely interesting in parts, it made me think a little differently about how the world of escorting works. But as I said, really just read it so I could get rid of it.


And I’ve got a couple of great online reads that I found too! This post from Hugzilla really struck a chord with me, about being honest when it comes to parenting newborns/babies. Because not all of us floated along on a fluffy cloud of happy hormonal bliss during that time.

And this post from Kate Takes 5 sets out just exactly how I wish the mothering arena would be, everywhere, all the time.



I finally got Big R into House of Cards, and now that he’s caught up to me, we’re watching it together. God I love that show.

My new TV love is Bojack Horseman. It’s been so long since I have enjoyed an adult cartoon show. Seriously, so hilarious!



Lately I’ve really been getting into Tame Impala, I like their new songs so I’ve been delving into their back catalogue at the same time.


So as you can see, reading continues to dominate my life.

What have you been enjoying in words, on screen, or in your ears lately?



5 thoughts on “Geeking out – Spring 2015

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Oh how good is Down Under? I fell in love with Australia from reading that book… And that was before I’d even stepped foot on Australian Terra Firma! Hugzilla is always a wonderful webby read, and if you want something good to listen to, you must download Serial. Best. Podcast. Ever.

      • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

        Oh my goodness, Serial is amazing. It’s an analysis of a real life crime in the States. It’s absolutely fascinating. Serial One was highly addictive and now the wait is over, Serial 2 has just come out. It’s really not to be missed. Just google it, the interwebs is all over Serial! It’s that good! x

  2. OMG Sammie, I just had to leave a new comment here to say that I started on Serial, and now I CAN’T STOP! You were right – it is so good and highly addictive! I’m almost finished with Season 1. Thanks for the rec!

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