The future is bright


Sometimes I like to imagine what our family life will look like in 5, 10, 15 years time. Do you ever?

Even though I am holding on to Little R’s toddlerdom with all my might. Even though I am secretly cherishing those (now rare) moments when Moose mispronounces a word. Even though I am trying to permanently etch into my brain the vision and feeling of both of them holding my hands to cross the road, one on each side. Even though they are both making noise at the top of their lungs as I write this, and being too rough with each other…..I’m still looking at them in wonder and adoration of their smallness.

These days will be gone all too soon. And suddenly, I’ll be looking at photos of them when they were small, and wondering how that time got away from me, and mourning for the loss of these days.

But there is so much to look forward to. Think about it….


Family movie nights, with popcorn and everything, and not necessarily with animated movies.

Watching/listening to the news together, and discussing what is happening around us.

Helping with homework (although I imagine that one will lose its novelty quite fast) and encouraging them to simply do their best.

Watching them play sports, and reaping all the wonderful benefits that it can bring.

Neither of them requiring me to help them wash themselves.

Going to places together, like the shops or the library, and being able to go our seperate ways then meet up later.

Hopefully sharing some interests or hobbies that we can enjoy together.

Taking them to their first concert (hopefully, if they let me).

Letting them borrow my books and finding out what they think about them.

Having nights out together, and being able to go to whichever restaurant we like, see movies that have ratings higher than PG, and not have to worry about how late it’s getting. And not having to bring a nappy bag or pyjamas for them to change into later!


Yes. There is still so much to come.


4 thoughts on “The future is bright

  1. Oh yes! With a 4 and 6 year old I’m having these thoughts a lot lately! Suddenly we are out of the toddler years and I’m not sure how that happened so quickly! But yes, so much to look forward to! Thanks for linking up to the rabbit hole xx

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