Innocence, curiosity, learning

One morning, at home with just Little R and me….

Shall we go outside before it gets too hot? Ok, put some sunscreen on first. Here you go – face, neck, arms….Pop your hat on. Grab your ball. Let’s go!



Hello dogs! Give them a pat. Gently!

Kick the ball to Mummy? That’s it, good kick! Ready? I’ll kick it to you now….



Ok, let’s go down the steps. Careful, that’s the way, shuffle down backwards. Let’s go and have a look at the (practically bare) veggie patch. Look! There’s the silverbeet, it’s growing tall! And that’s a fig tree. The orange tree looks like it wants some water. Shall we water the garden? We’ll have to fill the watering can….

You want to go over here? Ok, let’s go to the playground. Wanna go on the swings? Ready, I’ll lift you up, one two three – up! Hold on tight. Let’s go! Weeee!

Ok, down the slide now. One two three – goooo! Again? One two three – weeee! Again?



What’s over here? Some flowers, look. Aren’t they lovely. Oh! I just saw a butterfly! There it is! Let’s try and catch it….oh, no, not fast enough. Where did it go? I think it flew away. Bye bye butterfly! I can see some ants though, look at them all! Walking in a line. They’re very fast, aren’t they? There’s so many!



It’s getting a bit hot buddy, might be time for some morning tea. Would you like something to eat? Let’s go inside. That was fun!


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4 thoughts on “Innocence, curiosity, learning

    • I just love this age, between 1 and 2, when everything is still new and incredible! He is OBSESSED with kicking the ball, he’s really good at it too! He can do drop-kicks and everything!
      Thanks for stopping by Zoe.

  1. He’s such a little cutie. It’s a lovely age and I quite miss those little mornings… although I confess that at the time I probably found them rather boring. Terrible! I can’t win! x

    • Why thank you! I so agree with you, I love this age but I do struggle with staying motivated to play like a toddler! I’m trying to focus on the preciousness of these times before they are gone forever.

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