Some thoughts on journalling


My best ideas come to me when I’m in no position to pause and take 15 minutes to jot something down. When I’m driving, when I’m showering, when I’m kid-wrangling, when I’m busy at work. I don’t know why my mind does that to me, perhaps I need to be in an active state to come up with my best insights.

I also have a shocking memory now, ever since my first pregnancy (“baby” brain, sure). That’s one of the reasons I love journalling, because when I come up with something that I think is brilliant or thoughtful at the time, I feel like I need to write it down straight away or I will forget it. And often when I look back on things I’ve written, I do think to myself, “Huh, I’d forgotten about that”.

I consider blogging to be a form of journalling. That’s my own personal reason for doing it anyway, and it can somewhat explain why I’m not really an organised or regular blogger. I don’t blog to a schedule. I blog only when I have something to write about. Sometimes I wish that was more often, but hey, that’s my other explanation for my seat-of-my-pants blogging strategy – lack of time or ability to do anything about it even when I want to. See paragraph 1 for further details.

I tend to feel the urge to write, either online or in my handwritten journal, when I’m feeling strong emotions. And usually the happy, giddy emotions, as opposed to the dark, melancholy ones. I find it hard to cope with the darker emotions if I let them out of my head, I know that the more time I spend on them the more upset I will get, and I seem to have a fear of feeling upset. Probably something I could work through, if only I wasn’t too afraid to journal about it. I am happier to write when I’m feeling grateful, or creative, or blissed out, or inspired.

Someone who does journalling really well is Sophie Isobel Asher. She blogs a lot about her love of journalling and often shares peeks of her gorgeous handwritten journal complete with clippings and embellishments. I love her journal style, it’s totally her own. I’d like to expand on my own journal style, which at the moment consists of my uninteresting handwriting only and is not pretty at all!  I do however jot down quotes and other sentences I’ve found here and there that have touched my heart, and I note down things I’d like to achieve as well. But my journal is definitely in need of more stickers and stamps and washi tape.

Sophie just finished up a series called “Journal Your Heart Out” which ran over September. I’m going to have a read back through those posts and use them as inspiration for opening my journal up more widely and writing more frequently. I find journalling to not only be very therapeutic, but it encourages me to keep creating. I’d love to discover what else it could bring to my life, if only I made it more of a priority.

For a recent birthday, my Big R bought me a gorgeous handmade leather-bound journal, and I still haven’t had the courage to put pen to its paper yet. Mostly because it’s so beautiful, I’m feeling pressure to only write amazing things in it and not just your standard day-to-day musings. It’s silly I know, because I find the everyday musings are often the most telling. I did have an idea for the journal though. I often think about advice I’d like to pass down to the kids, stories I’d like to tell them, and discussions I’d like to have with them, but not right now because they are too young to understand any of it yet. But as I said above, my memory is very bad and if I don’t record my important thoughts straight away they usually disappear for good. I thought I could use my special journal to write down these thoughts for the kids to read when they are older. I just need to find the courage and time to start.

Do you journal? How frequently, and in what ways do you use your journal?

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3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on journalling

  1. Love this. I journaled extensively from ages 13-30 but after the kids came along I have tried many times to get back in the habit (including this past month) and just do not have the mental space at the same time as energy and something to capture happens… I would love it if in the moment of the thoughts I was able to capture them instantly. I am thinking of trying a smaller journal and starting to carry it everywhere so there are limited excuses. Good luck and use that beautiful journal. I know all too well about saving them for the future. Enjoy writing in it knowing it was a thoughtful gift.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comments Deb. I totally understand about the stars not aligning when little children are about, any activity involving dedicated time and focus is just not possible. I hope your mini-journal works for you. I started writing to the kids in my special journal last night! 😉

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