35/52 – A portrait a week


watermarked - moose 35 of 52 2015


watermarked - little r 35 of 52 2015


On the weekend, Big R was home from work (he works 2 out of every 4 weekends). It felt like ages since we’d done something fun together on the weekends we are all home, lately our time has been spent either being sick, or getting the house back into some kind of order, because we’ve been too sick for regular upkeep. So this weekend past, we all went to Play Up at the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament House). I took the kids there recently on my own, and we had such a ball, we hadn’t stopped raving to Big R about it. So he was keen to see it for himself. We all had so much fun, playing in the giant teepee, rolling around on beanbags, drawing on the blackboard walls with chalk, building giant towers out of mega blocks…….there’s something about the space and its wealth of play options, it brings out the kid in the adults too. We all had such a great time being kids together.

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