29/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 29 of 52 2015

watermarked - little r 29 of 52 2015

Well it’s happened. 18 months in, and I’ve missed my first week of The 52 Project. A little disappointed, but at the same time, surprised and glad I managed to stay on track with it for so long! So I’m playing a little catch up here with week 29….

Moose and Little R: Last weekend I was home on my own with the kids, and our originally busy weekend turned into a boring, isolated one as each of our plans in turn got cancelled, due to everyone’s children being sick (including mine on and off). By Sunday afternoon we all needed to get out of the house, so on a whim I took the kids to Old Parliament House to check out Play Up – a newish play space just for little ones. It was FANTASTIC! 3 huge rooms full of fun, with just about everything a kid could ask for – gigantic building blocks, random toys, puppets, books, musical instruments, a chalkboard wall and table to draw on, a magnetic wall to make words out of, dress-ups, a media area, and a room dedicated just to Lego! As a bonus, it was a quiet afternoon and we had the whole place to ourselves. We stayed there for hours! And topped it off with a stroll through the gardens lining OPH. A gorgeous afternoon well-spent together.

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