Our first preschooler

watermarked - moose preschool 1

Moose started preschool on Monday of last week.  She has been eagerly awaiting this for quite some time now, after watching various childcare friends be herded back and forth to the preschool next door all last year.  She was ready.  She wasn’t nervous or scared.  I was prepared – everything was labelled, food was made and ready to go, spare clothes lovingly wrapped up in a marked bag inside her new super-dooper-sized backpack.

On Day 1, we all got up early to get ready, Moose chose her outfit, and I tried to do her hair extra neat (she has such thick hair, it’s hard!).  Everyone was cheery, this was a happy day!  When we were all ready to go, we went outside and took a bunch of the obligatory photos with our proud newbie preschooler.

watermarked - moose preschool 2

We got to preschool, more photos in front of the school and on the playground.  Other children arrived with their families, and we followed the written instructions on the door – “Welcome! Please place your morning tea in the purple tub, and your water bottle in the red tray.  Your bag can go on a hook, and please wash your hands before you enter”.

Moose greeted friends she knew from childcare, and was introduced to other new kids.  They all played on the playground, and headed inside to explore the classroom and the various play stations that had been set up – puzzles, books, tactile experiences.  After lots of playing, and photos, it was time for the teachers to gather the children together to start their day in the centre of the room, and we took that as our cue to leave.  Moose didn’t cry.  She wasn’t shy or nervous.  She was completely at ease, and ready for whatever adventures were set to come her way.  After a quick hug goodbye, we left her sitting with the other kids, listening to her teacher’s instructions.  And that was it.  She had become a preschooler!

watermarked - moose preschool 3

Every day since she started, she has asked or spoken about preschool.

Am I going to preschool today?

When am I going back to preschool?

Do you know, at preschool….

I looooove preschool

She’s shared a photo slideshow with her class, something each child was asked to do so they can get to know each other, she’s brought artwork home, she’s sung songs that she’s learnt at preschool, she’s told us about the “bell” rule (when the bell rings, they have to stop what they’re doing and look at the teacher), she’s borrowed a book on their first “library day” (and I’m the happy volunteer parent library helper!).

watermarked - moose preschool 4

I’m so proud of my little girl, and so joyful to see her loving this experience so far.  I just know it’s going to be a great year, she’s going to gain so much from being there, and we’re all going to enjoy seeing her grow during this part of her life’s journey.


8 thoughts on “Our first preschooler

  1. Sasha @ Fromtheleftfield says:

    Oh that’s so lovely! Such a big moment in their lives! Sounds like she’s handling it like a pro. I have a prep kid on my hands this year, and it just makes your heart sing to see them happy and wanting to go back each day! x

    • Yes it is a big step, and I’m so happy and grateful that she’s taken to it with ease! I know for a lot of kids it can be distressing, I feel for those parents.

    • Oh thank you. Haha, good spotting! It’s a pretty special cubby, it has a doorbell! Can’t take credit for it though, the previous owners had it put in 😉

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