Insomnia and small children don’t mix

Things that I fretted about while I lay awake during the early hours tonight:

Childcare arrangements.

Cost of childcare arrangements.

Return to work arrangements.

Balancing returning to work with family time, activities, keeping the house and garden under control, getting food on the table at a reasonable time each night….

How stupid it is that we will fork out tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the childcare years, just so I can work. Not to do anything enjoyable, to WORK. I am paying to work!! I don’t even like it, why do I have to pay to do it?!

How annoying it is that on the nights Little R sleeps through (tonight), Moose will wake up and on the nights Moose sleeps through, Little R will wake up. They never sync up. Because life’s just like that, isn’t it?

Will I ever sleep through ever again? Why can’t I get back to sleep once I’m awake?

How bad it must be for my body and mind to constantly be yo-yo-ing between varying levels of sleep from night to night with no consistency.

What would I worry about, and what issues would I have if I didn’t have children?

Whose idea was this whole having-kids thing anyway?!!

Oh look, I have to get up in half an hour to get Moose ready for her first day of preschool.

Another day ahead on 4 hours sleep….


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