Summer / In and around me

The constant vibration of the crickets.

The full-bodied smell of air heavy with heat.


watermarked - summer sky

The crack of the whip bird’s call.

The smell of salt, pulling us towards the sea.

The exhilarating refreshment of a cold beer after a busy day in the sun.


watermarked - summer daisies

The feeling that each day is a new invitation for fun, for joy, to go where the wind takes us.

The image of heat rising from the earth in see-through smoke spirals.

The faint hint of eucalyptus wafting past on the breeze as the gum trees’ leaves bake in the sun.


watermarked - summer grass

The satisfaction of time lazily spent with no concern, lying on couches and floors, skin tingling from the delight of cooled air flooding out from overhead vents.

The skin that smells of sunscreen and salt.

The abandonment of shoes and socks, of the obligation to dress properly to go to the shops, of the need to keep our children close and tied to a schedule of activities in favour of letting them search for their own adventure outdoors.


watermarked - summer privet

The acceptance of certain uncomfortable sensations, like sand stuck to skin and in clothes, and ice-cream drips sticky on fingers.

The knowing that nothing needs to be done at all, and fun is free.

This is summer, my most favourite season of all.




6 thoughts on “Summer / In and around me

  1. Sounds just like the holiday we just had and is even continuing upon our return home. I miss the salt and sunscreen smell already…and my salt laden locks! Love beach hair!!!

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