44/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - moose 44 of 52 2014

watermarked - little r 44 of 52 2014

Moose: Trick or treat!  She got very excited about Halloween all at the last minute, so we got out one of her princess costumes and glamoured her up (that’s glitter on her face) for a quick trick-or-treating around our street.  We only went to half a dozen houses, but we all had fun!  I think we’ll be doing it again next year.

Little R: Just happy to be with Daddy, Big R

52 project

Linking up weekly with The 52 Project at Practising Simplicity.  And now wondering what I should do with all of the photos from this year?  Make a photo book, or a calendar?


2 thoughts on “44/52 – A portrait a week

  1. Calendar would be a lovely idea – then you can see how much they’ve changed over the course of the year, because you’ll be looking at them in real life, in the present with a picture from the exact week a year ago!

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