Read, watch, listen – September 2014

I’m leaving it until the very end of the month this time!  We’ve had a rough bout of viral flu in our household this month though, I feel like it’s taking forever to completely bounce back.  Here’s what I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to in September, in between blowing my nose, coughing and popping Nurofen:



I’ve kind of abandoned my re-reading of The Chronicles of Narnia for the moment.  I’m still committed to re-reading the whole lot, but it’s really hard to choose to read something you’ve already read multiple times when there are so many books out there that I have never opened!  Too.  Many.  Books.  Not.  Enough.  Time.

My sister’s copy of One Day by David Nicholls has been sitting temporarily on my bookshelf for a couple of years now, mocking me.  In a related conundrum, it’s really hard to choose to read something you’ve already watched the movie of (especially when the movie was a bit so-so).  But I had the Lifeline Book Fair coming up (let’s face it – one of my favourite events of the year!) and I knew I had to make more space on my shelves, so I decided to give One Day a goAnd I’m glad I did, it was soooo much better than the movie (when are they not?).  I really like the idea of this book’s format – following two people over the course of 20 years of friendship, through revisiting them every year on the same day to see what they’re up to.  It works so well in written form, much better than on-screen.  The characters were well-formed, there was good use of humour, and relatable themes like self-discovery, regret, and ambition.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, pick up the book first.

Prior to reading One Day, I borrowed John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men from the library on the recommendation of book review/time travel blog Book To The Future (if the time travel bit confuses you, just go check it out.  Seriously, I love that blog.  One of those “wish I thought of that” scenarios).  Unfortunately though, I’ve got to say I was let down by the book.  It’s considered a bit of a classic, and I don’t have a good track record with enjoying the “classics”.  Maybe I’m just not as well-read as I should be for someone who loves books so much.  I felt like this one was unfinished.  It had good bones, it was going somewhere, and then it was just……over.  In its very short form (I think it was about 120-ish pages) I just didn’t see the point of this story.  I didn’t get what it was trying to tell me.  But I felt like it could have told me a lot more, had it been allowed to go on.  Thumbs down from me.

On another blog’s recommendation, I’m currently steering in a different direction and reading a graphic novel called Saga: Volume 1, which I heard about via Book Riot.  I’m obsessed with Book Riot right now, I read just about every post.  If you love your books, this is the site for you.  Anyway comics and graphic novels are not my usual forte, but then again they’re not something I’ve ever really delved in to, so how would I know whether I like them or not really?  The summary of this series sounded really good, it’s essentially a sci-fi story but with some dramatic and romantic undertones.  It’s a little too early for me to tell whether I will continue on with the succeeding volumes yet, but for now I’m enjoying Volume 1 for the simple fact that it’s so different to my usual reading fare.

And now, I’m reading The Point by Marion Halligan, because it is set in Canberra and I was curious to read a novel based in my town.  I’m only just about 50 pages in, but so far I’ve gathered that it’s loosely based around a fictional waterfront restaurant, the staff who work there and their VIP-level clientele.  Very interesting, with elements of truth for this city!


I enjoyed this post from Abundant Mama about the harshness of life and motherhood, simply for the nod-along factor.  And this one for its handy list of inspiring, positive affirmations to help us choose calm over anger.

For the organisers amongst us, here is a great post from Maxabella on tools to help us manage our time, our to-do lists, our thoughts, everything!  On one hand I’m excited about all the time-saving possibilities, on the other hand, there are so many options to choose from I’m wondering whether I already don’t have time to check them out!



I managed to get up to date with Sons of Anarchy in time for the new and final season to begin.  Oh this show, it’s like a car crash, you almost don’t want to look but you can’t look away at the same time!  I really think it’s all going to end very, very badly.  But it’s sooooo goooood.

There’s another new series out called Hand of God which Big R wants me to start watching with him.  We haven’t started yet, but it stars Ron Perlman (also of Sons of Anarchy fame) as a judge who believes he is dishing out God’s justice.  Or something.  I dunno, but it sounds pretty cool, so I’ll let you know whether it’s any good.

On the movie front, we watched Bad Neighbours, well, most of it anyway.  On the night we tried to watch it we had some unsettled kids on our hands, one of those times when it takes 3 hours to watch the equivalent of about 1 hour of movie.  So we gave up from tiredness in the end, and actually haven’t gone back to finish it.  I was already disappointed anyway, not nearly as many laughs as I was expecting from a Seth Rogen flick.  It was trying too hard to be cool in my opinion.  Don’t think we’ll bother watching the end of that one.

I also took Little R to a Mums-N-Bubs movie session this week, to see the new Zach Braff film Wish I Was Here.  I was expecting a bit of a comedy, but it turned out to be really sad and depressing, all about our purpose in life and fulfillment and loss and death……it had me in tears!  And then it just set the tone for the rest of the day after that.  Yeah, that kind of backfired.  I don’t like weepy movies.



I haven’t really found myself actively listening to anything in particular this month.  I’ve been more picking up singles here and there.  At the moment I’m liking Beware The Dog by The Griswolds, Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You by Ball Park Music, and I’ll Go Crazy by Bluejuice, who will sadly be calling it a day very soon.  I’m keen to listen to the latest album from Foster the People, as well as new Husky.


What have you been reading/watching/listening to this month?  Have you seen Hand of God?


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8 thoughts on “Read, watch, listen – September 2014

  1. Thanks for the mention! You’re right – my Fitting it all in posts might make you feel more daunted than motivated! I know they do me!!

    One Day was an excellent read (so long ago, but I remember it well, so that means it was good!). I confess I have book envy with you because I would love to read as many books as you in a month. I miss books! x

    • No, that post made me excited about all the organising possibilities, I just didn’t know where to start!
      I am managing to get a lot of reading done these days, I have to enjoy it while I’m on maternity leave. Once I add work back in to the mix, that will be a different story!

  2. I hear you on rereading books! I’ve been rereading one lately, because the next book in the series is out, and I need a refresher. But I haven’t beenable to commit to it, because I want to read everything else instead!
    I really liked Bad Neighbours. It ends nicely, so give it a go.

    • I feel like I have to force myself to reread. And I don’t want to force myself to read anything!
      Hmm ok, maybe I will have to just watch the ending then!

  3. I hear you on “it’s really hard to choose to read something you’ve already read multiple times when there are so many books out there that I have never opened!” I feel the same! I want to re read Rebecca and another book called Me First but I just can’t get around reading them! Too many books, not enough time…
    I never heard of Hand of God but I’m now watching Revenge and Once upon A Time.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  4. I have never read a Graphic Novel but I am so keen too, just to experience something different. And I’d really love to read the Walking Dead ones because I love the show so much and would be interested to see the differences in the story.

    I’m not very good with the classics either, I’ve never really gotten in to them. I don’t mind historical fiction, but never really fiction written way back when! Weird I know.

    I haven’t see Sons of Anarchy, but it’s on my list of things to watch. I’m still trying to convince Dave though, who is very picky about what he watches. Me, I’ll watch most stuff to be honest, it’s the same as reading, I love the escape!

    Thanks for linking up to RW x

    • If you like fantasy, give the Saga series a go to see if you enjoy the graphic novel style. I think I just like words on pages too much!
      I love historic fiction too! Especially Tudor England stuff, I can lose myself completely.
      Watch SoA, you won’t be disappointed 😉

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