37/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - mia 37 of 52 2014

watermarked - rhys 37 of 52 2014


Moose: Has been sick on and off for three weeks now.  Some times she’s been sooky and quiet, other times she’s been frustrated and furious.  It’s been exhausting for all of us.  Cuddling up in the armchair with Dr Seuss on a slow, sleepy morning.

Little R: Thankfully has had nothing more than a short-lived cough and a bit of congestion.  Hoping it stays that way.  Note the wet patch on his shirt – I’ve been forced to keep a bib on him now because of the constant drool.  This week he’s also gotten better at deliberately grabbing for toys dangled in front of him, and has just begun to turn his head around when lying on the floor, looking like he wants to roll himself over.

52 project

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