36/52 – A portrait a week

watermarked - 36 of 52 2014


watermarked - rhys 36 of 52 2014


Moose: Giving Big R a hand in the yard on a beautiful sunny day.  Spring is in the air and we’re spending lots of time outside.

Little R: Giving me a hand inside with folding and putting away the washing.  Keeping warm inside one of Big R’s jumpers.

52 project

It’s 52 Project time at Practising Simplicity.  I wish this year would just slow down already!


2 thoughts on “36/52 – A portrait a week

  1. Little R is just gorgeous! That smile is stunning! There’s such a sense of connection knowing he is exactly the same age as Littlest! There should be a club for babies born on such an auspicious day!

    • Thank you! I think he’s pretty cute 🙂 It must be something about being born on that day that gives you the “cute as a button” trait, he and Littlest both possess it! Is it an auspicious day? I had no idea. What’s the belief around it?

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