My girl – Moose

watermarked - mia is tough

She’s a feisty little dynamo.  She’s tiny, with a cutesy voice to match, but don’t mistake her for a pushover! She’s got my strong determination and yearning for independence, even as a little kid I always wanted to do everything myself without any help, and she’s exactly the same!  In fact, she gets quite cross at me sometimes if I try to jump in and help her out, interrupting me with a barrage of “I can do it I can do it I can do it!!

She is all noise, and she’s loud too.  When she’s not talking, she’s singing at the top of her lungs, or whispering to her toys while lost in her imagination, or she’s humming, or tapping, or something….anything….as long as it involves noise!  She also jumps….and stomps….and dances….and runs….and skips.  A LOT.  Sometimes this is all really annoying, and sometimes when the day has been long and tensions have built, we end up frustrated and yelling at her for not being able to keep quiet or still for more than five seconds.  But I think it’s a display of her spirit – happy, energetic, curious, without a moment to lose by being idle.  If you were to ask me whether she was an old or new soul, I would say she is definitely new here.

Her current breakfast of choice = Nutri Grain.

She’s super clever (this will sound like gloating).  Ever since she started talking, people have always commented on how well she speaks.  She can tell you all about dinosaurs, big cats, volcanoes, or bees; she can write her name, “Mum” and “Dad” as well as most letters; she can remember song lyrics or the words in a book after only hearing them once before.

She’s helpful and thoughtful, and whenever she sees an opportunity to help me out, you bet she’ll ask “Can I help you Mama?”  She’s helped me with unpacking groceries, unstacking the dishwasher and putting dishes away, folding clothes, bathing and dressing her little brother, feeding the babies of our friends, and lots and LOTS of cooking.  If we’re out with Little R in his pram, she will walk alongside us, keeping pace while holding on to the pram, her way of helping me push it along.

She’s a wonderful big sister.  There hasn’t been a sliver of jealously shown towards Little R, only love, protection and excitement at his new presence in our lives.  Sometimes a little too much enthusiasm, ie. practically smothering the poor little guy with her hugs and kisses.  She’s learning that sometimes he just needs to be left alone for a while without being constantly touched or talked to, but she’s the first to be by his side to comfort him or play with him.  I’m relieved that she now has a sibling, an always-available companion/partner-in-crime, and although I don’t want to wish his babyhood away, I’m so eager for him to be old enough for them to play together.  She needs that.  She wasn’t destined to be an only child.

She wants to be a mermaid and a princess when she grows up.

She loves drawing and colouring-in.  She’s just recently started ramping up her drawing a notch, moving on from random squiggles and swirls, to clearly recognisable things like gardens with flowers and grass, stick people with facial features, and butterflies with patterns on their wings.

She still has funny quirks in her pronunciation of some words.  She continues to struggle with pronouncing the letter “R”, substituting with “W” instead, as in “Can I have a tweat?“, and “Look at that twee!“.  She also says “maprem syrup”, and (my favourite) “napsikin”.  And she’s got a delicious little lisp.

She talks a lot about being a big girl, being brave, and doing as she’s told, often checking with us to see if we think she is doing those things.

I can’t figure out whether she’s a sociable person or prefers to be alone, I’ve seen her quite content with both scenarios.  Most of the time when I pick her up from her childcare, she is happily doing some kind of activity by herself, but with other children nearby.  But then again, I’ve seen her completely jump in and play with kids that are new to her, often taking one or two of them under her wing, and sometimes even bossing them about.

When it comes to naming dolls, or any female toys, her choices are usually Selena or Rosie.

She is most definitely a Daddy’s girl.  Even though she follows me around everywhere and is always just behind or in front of me, and willingly hands out “Mummy, I love you” ‘s and kisses and hugs all day long….there is just something different about the dynamic between her and her father.  They can happily spend hours just tickling each other or being silly together, and she is always climbing all over the poor man!

While I was pregnant with Little R, both Moose and I really missed me being able to pick her up and hold her and carry her.  After Little R was born, and I felt like I finally had the abdominal strength again to be able to lift her, it was like some kind of happy reunion.  She was so happy that I could pick her up again, that she began to request a “pick-up cuddle?” over and over, and still asks daily.  I’m happy to oblige.

She’s got a great sense of humour, making up jokes and words and coming out with the most bizarre and surprising sayings, that make us laugh and gape at her and think “Did my 4-year-old just say that?”

Her birth was fast and ferocious, and after arriving in the world, instead of spending luxurious time being gently nuzzled and calmed against the skin of her mother, she was quickly whisked away from me to an incubator in the special care nursery where I wouldn’t see her until a few hours after she was born, and even then the only contact between us was of my hand stroking her through a special opening in the heated glass case she was encased in.  I often wonder whether this frantic introduction to life is responsible for her busy, sometimes frenzied nature, and it still makes me feel sad to remember that we missed out on that very special, once-only bonding time immediately after her birth.

I have always carried a lot of guilt when it comes to Moose, not a day goes by when I don’t feel guilty about something I’ve done, or haven’t done.  But also, not a day goes by when I don’t look at her little pixie face and marvel that this beautiful being is my daughter.  Here she is, in the flesh, and she’s mine and she is just HEAVENLY.  My joy. Her smile radiates absolute innocent goodness.  She changed me forever, this little girl, and as the months and years pass, continues to teach me more about myself and life than any teacher I’ve ever had.  I can not wait to share the rest of her life with her.


watermarked - mia on swings

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